Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Teaching by Example

Working from home has it's advantages besides financial and time freedom. Being home with your kids also teachs our kids how to live their dreams. Most families in my business community live life by example. They teach their kids to work smarter not harder!!!

My Top 5 Lessons For My Son:

  1. Kids model what they experience. My son will follow my example and leverages his time and money.

  2. Your career should be something you Love to do. The fact is that wealth is developed when you have passion in what you do.

  3. Family is the most important part of life. Putting family first shows our children the meaning of life. The reason we are who we are is because of family and that should be praised.

  4. The path you choose is your own. There's nothing more important in life than being your own person. I'm a huge believer in thinking for yourself. If I wasn't then I would be working for the man, wishing for my next break or something like that. In life there are followers and there are leaders. I'm a leader and my son knows this about me. Therefore he will follow in my footsteps and call his own shots!

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