Saturday, January 13, 2007

Is Your Kid Running Your KItchen?

Indeed, the pantries of adults with kids are far more likely to contain cheese, cookies, processed meats, pizza and bagged snacks than are those of their childless peers, and parents consume more total fat and more saturated fat than non-parents, according to the research.

So what are parents to do - choose between their kids and steamed broccoli?

I see a lot of my friend allowing their kids to make all the choices when it comes to food. It's fair to allow children to give input, but not to make the final choices. Nutrition should be at the forefront of meals. These days there is no excuse for making nutritional food taste yucky.

So take back the kitchen - and the grocery list. Guiding a child's eating practices is as much a parental duty as seeing that he's immunized or wears a seat belt.
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